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Mastering the Art of SaaS Customer Support: Boosting Efficiency and Customer Delight

Employment/Project Duration: 1 year, three months

At [Anonymous Company], my journey took a new turn. I led a team of junior SaaS customer support engineers while crafting and implementing essential processes and procedures. Despite the team's relative inexperience, my leadership saw them thrive, maintaining zero attrition during my tenure and garnering commendations from clients and the executive team. High employee morale and notable improvements in business-critical KPIs and customer and employee satisfaction were emblematic of my unique leadership style, which focused on fostering relationships, nurturing junior support representatives, and developing critical processes.

Customer Enablement Enhancement and Process Optimization
  • Revamped Customer Training: Eliminated non-scalable customer training calls by replacing them with two instructional videos on the Learning Management System (LMS), enhancing the onboarding process for new customers.

  • Improved Case Handling: Implemented a same-business-day response policy for AMER (Americas) cases, reducing case backlog and improving customer service. Significantly reduced the need to escalate DocGen cases to the APAC team.

Stakeholder Relationship Building
  • Successfully bridged the gap with the original founding organization, fostering trust and collaboration between support teams.

Team Development
  • Expanded responsibilities and defined the day-to-day functions of the "Tier 2" support role, enhancing team efficiency.

  • Authored and published several standardized processes to ensure consistent case handling across the support team.

Performance and Feedback Tracking and Reporting
  • Developed Salesforce reports to monitor team progress and report on key performance statistics, aiding data-driven decision-making.

  • Collaborated with the Community Manager to establish and launch a "Support Ideas" site, enhancing the feedback and ideation process.

Partnership and Project Management
  • Actively contributed to ISV partnerships with DocuSign and Service Max, collaborating with the Partnership team to define partnership programs.

  • Worked on multiple projects with the Salesforce admin team, streamlining processes and improving system functionality.

Training and Communication
  • Performance Incident Reporting: improving incident handling and resolution.

  • Orchestrated two ½ day training sessions with the VP of R&D and created a repository of quick text and canned responses for the team, enhancing customer interactions.

  • Developed a Customer Communication training program, now mandatory for the entire company and published on the LMS. Recognition from the CEO during a company all-hands meeting.

  • Collaborated with the R&D team to improve the specificity of their version "update" announcements, enhancing clarity and information dissemination.

  • Refreshed outdated product training videos on the the website and collaborated with Marketing to publish new "how-to" videos.

  • Played a key role in enabling the EMEA and APAC teams.


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