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Hello, I am Yas Longoria
Yas Longoria
Key Strengths and Characteristics

Social Aptitudes: I excel in building and nurturing relationships, fostering a collaborative environment, and cultivating a sense of unity within cross-functional teams. My ability to connect with others on a human level is a defining strength.

Emotional Intelligence: A keen awareness of emotions and a deep understanding of how they impact individuals and teams enable me to navigate complex interpersonal dynamics with empathy and finesse.

Interpersonal Skills: My leadership style is marked by empowerment and trust, allowing my teams to make crucial decisions confidently. I value inclusivity and constantly encourage my teams to seek improvement.

Communication Style: I approach communication with transparency, openness, and a penchant for data-driven decision-making. My goal is to ensure that everyone is on the same page, fostering a culture of clarity, understanding and collaboration.

Core Values: Customer and employee success lie at the heart of my professional ethos. Challenging the status quo, I actively seek areas for improvement, promoting a culture of continuous growth. My journey is defined by a commitment to measurable success and a belief in leading through trust and empowerment.

Driven by curiosity and a passion for achieving tangible success, my career journey has been a testament to the power of innovation and dedication. With a commitment to delivering exceptional support in fast-paced, complex environments, my professional background

is marked by a rich tapestry of diverse experiences and a relentless pursuit of measurable results.

Notable Achievements

Reducing Churn Rates: Demonstrated success in reducing churn rates, driving revenue growth, and delivering exceptional customer experiences, resulting in remarkable improvements in customer satisfaction.

Effective Leadership: I've consistently led cross-functional teams in diverse, global environments, exceeding business targets and delivering exceptional results. I also have 100% employee retention throughout my leadership career.

Strategic Accountability: In my roles at Mitel, I took on substantial responsibility for account bases, managing $8 million in monthly recurring revenue in the Customer Success role and $12 million in the Support role.

Operational Optimization: My ability to optimize workflows, reduce ticket volumes, and enhance customer satisfaction through data-driven decisions and collaborative efforts has been a hallmark of my journey.

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